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Declan's Chinese Dictionary is a shareware Chinese-English dictionary
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Declan's Chinese Dictionary is a shareware Chinese-English dictionary. The dictionary can be easily changed from Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese, and vice versa. When searching for a word, we can write an English word, a Chinese word, or a Chinese pronunciation. We are allowed to check one or all of the following search options: Match case, Match exact word, and Pinyin search (pronunciation). Selecting the lookup option takes us to the Hanzi Lookup window, where we can search by radical, or number of strokes.

From the Search Results window, we are able to view the results. Next, we can select a word to be displayed individually in the Word Definition window. We can also double click words in order to add them to our Word List. The Word List can be exported to an XLF file, thus making it possible to import it to another Chinese learning program called Declan's Chinese FlashCards.

The Word Definition window displays the Chinse word, its definition, and its Pinyin pronunciation. If we point on the word with our mouse, another window will appear showing that word in a bigger view, its Pinyin pronunciation and meaning, plus its number of strokes, radical number, contained radical, and radical's name/meaning. We can evaluate this program free of charge for a 15-day period. There is another useful related shareware program to complement this one - ReadWrite Chinese.

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